The focus of nutriCARD is the efficient transfer of information on mechanisms of diet-related diseases to the development and marketing of heart-healthy foods.

“nutriCARD – improving health through nutrition”

nutriCARD is an innovative co-operative approach developed by regional universities, and agriculture and food industries to research and disseminate important nutritional strategies with which the consumer, by altering dietary choices and lifestyle, can significantly benefit their cardiovascular health. 

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Living environments

Utilizing state-of-the-art research and sharing results with coordinated partners, nutriCARD will offer innovative concepts to better inform the consumer with the aim of permanently altering injurious eating habits at all life stages and living environments.

Food industry

nutriCARD promotes and supports cooperative interaction between the scientific community, business, and the consumer food industry for the development and marketing of innovative, healthy food.


„Reformulierung von Feinkost und Convenience-Lebensmitteln: Möglichkeiten, Grenzen & Herausforderungen"


„Zielgerichtet reformulieren: Einsatz von Ballaststoffen und Aromen bei der Reformulierung von Backwaren, feinen Backwaren & Süßwaren“


nutriCARD sucht erwachsene Freiwillige mit leicht erhöhten Triglyzerid- und Cholesterol-Werten, um in einer neuen Studie den Einfluss eines...


about nutriCARD

The Competence Cluster for Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health (nutriCARD) aims to achieve sustainable improvements to human health. The cluster is strengthened through the expertise of the universities Halle-Jena-Leipzig and further regional non-university institutions. nutriCARD is launched initially for three years and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

About 40 scientists support the interdisciplinary research and holistic approach which aims to unravel the underlying mechanisms of diet- and age-related diseases and to prevent cardiovascular diseases in particular. The development and launching of cardio-protective foods and consumer education are main objectives.


nutriCARD aims to improve recipes of traditional products with regard to nutrient composition.

The Competence Cluster for Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health (nutriCARD) joins forces and creates synergies to improve cardiovascular health and help prevent onset of cardiovascular disease. It provides the infrastructure and develops a forum for rapid knowledge transfer from academia to industry, meaning results from research lead directly and efficiently into real-life practice and vice versa. This interactional process which encompasses research on the association between nutrition and cardiac health uses proof of concept studies applied to the development and marketing of health-promoting foods, in particular cardioprotective food.

The research approach includes concepts for the development and optimization of food, evaluates nutrition strategies and exercise programms, communicating strategies, as well as education policies.


By the development of a scientific infrastructure the nutriCARD cluster aims to implement and build up specific innovation factors and processes thereby furthering research projects in the field of cardiovascular health.